Ultra Base Floor

High Impact Panel

Ultra Base High Impact flooring utilizes the high strength polymers primarily used on our turf products such as UBS Professional and Champion to create a high-strength, load-bearing floor system for use in projects such as maintenance sheds, military personnel tents, shed floors or anywhere that stable, well-draining, ADA compliant flooring is needed. While it has less traction than our rubberized game court panels it makes up for it with its incredible stability and strength.

Panel Dimensions:
Actual panel dimension 30” x 30” x 1.25” / 762mm x 762mm x 31.75 mm | Square footage area once installed: 28” x 28”x 1.25”/ 711.2mm x 711.2mm x 31.75 mm = 5.44 ft² /.505 M²

Panel Weight:
Average panel weight: 1.86 pounds sq ft/ .84 kg per sq m 10.2 lbs per panel / 4.63 kg

Finished Corner Piece

Finished Edge Trim

ADA Compliant Court Ramp

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High Impact Panel