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•Consistently smooth and predictable ball roll
•Capable of providing the most realistic ball roll possible
•Can easily create surface undulations
•Panel design ensures proper turf fit around the cup
•Natural grass feel underfoot
•Engineered for all golf applications


• Interlocking modular panels fit together
perfectly to create a flat, even turf surface
• Installing over an engineered base produces
the best ball roll possible
• Installed panels easily conform to contours
• Engineered with just the right amount of flexibility
to perfectly replicate contoured grass greens
• Patented floating cup design eliminates turf shrinkage issues
• Patented floating cup orbits in all directions
ensuring proper turf-to-cup alignment
• Engineered flexibility perfectly mimics natural grass feel underfoot
• Accommodates sand filled or non-filled putting/chipping or teeline turf systems
• From tee to green and everything in between

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Build a putting green dead flat or create professional quality contours, it’s all easily accomplished with the UBS golf panel system.  Tour players and amateurs alike agree that the purity of ball roll and realistic feel under foot places the UBS golf system as close to a real grass tour-quality green as money can buy.