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• Accommodates high commercial traffic
• Accepts any synthetic turf maintenance
• Virtually eliminates “bad temper” vandalism
• Incoming shots will not produce ball divots
• Can easily withstand high heeled shoe traffic
• Strong enough to support golf cart traffic simplifying cart path construction


• Sturdy structural design supports heavy loads
• High impact strength material is resistant to
golf club damage
• UBS panels have a high compressive load rating capable of supporting tens of thousands pounds per sq. ft.

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Not only is natural grass difficult to grow and maintain, the threat of player damage is always an issue for greenskeepers.  A UBS panel green can stand up to the day to day player traffic and synthetic turf grooming equipment preserving your green’s pristine look for years.  Panel technology has unleashed a global market for entertainment putting greens used in everything from restaurants to charitable events.  Thousands of participants later, a UBS green will still remain the star of the show.