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• A secure investment whether the installation is permanent or relocated
• Strong enough to support heavily infilled green systems
• Turf will not move
• Compensates for subbase irregularities even if they occur after installation
• Creation of contours and valleys is easier and more realistic than ever before
• Easy installation anywhere
• Panels do not need to be moved or repositioned when a new turf is installed


• Light-weight interlocking panels enable easy
installation, disassembly and reinstallation
• Sturdy structural design supports heavy loads
• Patented barb design helps keep turf in place
• Resilient yet structurally firm design
compensates for subbase irregularities due to weather or burrowing animals
• Engineered with just the right amount of flexibility to perfectly replicate contoured grass greens
• Proven systematic step-by-step approach makes installation easy and reduces required skill levels
• Interlocking modular panels ensure easy installation and structural integrity/consistency.

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

The UBS golf system eliminates the need for compacted stone bases on putting greens or poured concrete tee lines.  The end result–a playing surface that feels more like real grass under foot with the perfect ball roll tournament players expect in their own practice facilities. Build it indoors, on a rooftop, or leave it permanently in your backyard, with UBS the customer’s dream green becomes a reality.