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• Putting turf dries faster allowing for consistent ball roll wet or dry
• More uninterrupted practice time, even after a rain
• Fast drainage even over impermeable surfaces such as rooftops and substandard soils
• Minimizes potential for mold growthn


• Panel keeps turf elevated above the subgrade allowing for faster dry time
• Vertical drainage draws water off the turf
keeping the surface dry
• Drains horizontally even when vertical drainage is
poor or unavailable
• Panel keeps turf elevated above the subgrade allowing for air flow and complete water removal above and below the turf

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Don’t let the rain ruin your practice sessions.  UBS panels are engineered to provide the ultimate in golf practice facilities.  By elevating the turf off the ground, air can circulate under the turf allowing it to dry faster and reduce mold growth.  Perforated turf will drain rapidly through the panels and into the subbase or when required, horizontally run over any impermeable surface such as a rooftop, patio or less than perfect subbase soils to a drainage system.