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• Never lose your investment, take it with you when you move
• Cost effective home relocation or exhibit and event opportunities
• Less material, fuel and labor required for an installation
• Innovative options for constructing the most challenging greens
• The UBS putting green base will last for years
• Easily transported


• Light-weight interlocking panels enable easy installation, disassembly and reinstallation
• Structural design requires significantly less base work resulting in fuel savings and reduced emissions
• Engineered Tour Links foam contours installed under UBS panels allow for the quick and easy creation of challenging designs
• 10 Year Warranty
• Easily Shipped Anywhere

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

For years, home golf putting greens were reserved for the rich and famous.  The process of earth excavation and stone or concrete replacement was the norm and very invasive.  What customers were left with was a stone or concrete monolith which may or may not be of interest to the next property owner–essentially a total loss of investment dollars.  UBS technology has changed everything.  Build it today and leave it for a week or enjoy panel technology for a lifetime of family fun and practice.  For home putting greens, driving ranges, tee lines, synthetic turf tee boxes, golf teaching academies and, yes, miniature golf, the UBS way is the installer’s smart choice for customer value and increased profits.