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• No need to ever landfill UltraBaseSystems panels
• 100% Post consumer recycled content in every panel
• Saves fuel resulting in reduced carbon footprint


• Panels can be reused multiple times
translating into significant environmental
benefits and cost savings
• Panels can be repurposed
• Made from 100% recyclable thermoplastic resin
• Made from 100% post consumer recycled thermoplastic resin
• Base constructed with UltraBaseSystems panels requires significantly less aggregate and base work resulting in fuel savings and reduced emissions

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

If constructing a field using a traditional 6 inch stone base, an estimated  300 trips of removing earth to a landfill site and 300 trips returning from a quarry with stone will be required compared to two or three trucks loaded with UltraBaseSystems panels. A reduction of nearly five times the Co2 emissions released into the atmosphere can be realized.

For over ten years our companies have been committed to using 100% recycled/recyclable materials in the production of the UBS panel system. The result is millions of pounds of material being spared from the landfill thus providing years of enjoyment for athletes of all ages and skill levels.