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• Supports consistent playability across the entire field
• Consistent performance will last for years
• Maintains a smooth and predictable playing surface
• Less infill migration
• Turf stays in place
• Compensates for sub-base irregularities such as uneven grading
• Conformable to field pitch and undulations


• Resilient yet structurally firm design facilitates:
– Uniform GMAX
– Less infill migration
– Uniformly smooth surface
– Compensates for subbase irregularities
– Conformability to field pitch and design undulations
• Patented barb design helps to keep turf in place
• Interlocking tooth system ensures a smooth, predictable playing surface over time

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

“Our turf never looked so good” is a comment that we hear continuously when a field is built on the UltraBaseSystems panel system.  The precision manufacturing techniques demand every panel delivers a billiard table effect to your turf surface. Protruding rocks, burrowing animal damage, or uneven surface heights are a thing of the past.