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• Panels can be reused multiple times* when replacing turf
• Panels do not need to be removed and repositioned when a new turf is installed*
• Subbase does not need to be regraded between installations*
• Significantly less base work and aggregate are required resulting in lower fuel costs and associated emissions.
• Heavy equipment will not damage or displace the panels during field removal and installation*
• Protects your investment. State-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing allows for reuse and relocation.

* Provided that the subbase is stable and of good quality.


• Interlocking design minimizes lateral and vertical movement so the panels stay in place
• Patented design allows for the use of less fill
• Cell structure provides uniform load distribution
• Sturdy design supports heavy equipment
• Panels won’t degrade during use, reuse or relocation

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

“Built to last” is something we take great pride in. Too often companies over promise and under deliver. Each UltraBaseSystems panel is engineered and manufactured to deliver years of consistent play and economical savings as a result of our commitment to engineering and manufacturing quality.  And remember, each UBS panel can be used over and over again.