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• Easy installation requires less skilled labor costs
• Reduces total field construction time
• Minimizes sub-base preparation
• Any design achievable
• Eliminates expensive nailer boards or concrete curbs
• Panels do not need to be removed or repositioned when a new turf is installed
• Heavy equipment will not damage or displace the base during installation
• Panels can be easily shipped, stored and reused
• More subbase preparation options


• Interlocking modular panels ensure easy installation and structural integrity/consistency
• Proven systematic, step-by-step approach reduces required skill levels
• Sturdy structural design supports heavy equipment during installation and beyond
• Panels do not need to be protected or covered during installation
• Turf can be attached directly to the perimeter panel
• Panels can remain uncovered indefinitely awaiting installation
• Panels designed to be easily cut to create an infinite number of designs and shapes

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Hauling and moving stone is backbreaking work and for years the only accepted solution for base construction. By replacing mass with science, UltraBaseSystems can dramatically facilitate the installation process. Often times installation is a simple as having unskilled volunteers participate in the field construction resulting in a whole new level of community ownership.