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2014 Fall Installations

You pick the sport, we have the answer.  From tennis to golf to baseball, UltraBaseSystems® continues to turn dreams into a reality.

Hard Court


This first-ever, temporary, hard court installation was the brain child of Lubomír Schmid at Tennis Schmid. This installation was constructed over an existing clay court and the conversion was made possible with UBS Professional series panels.

Sand-Filled Tennis Court


This existing clay court eyesore was transformed into a thing of beauty with UBS Professional series panels, Wimbledon artificial sand-filled turf, and the skilled artisans at Tennis Schmid.

Long Island


Once again, Jim Dickson of Green Life Designs shows his skills in creating a nine-hole mini golf course for this extraordinary group of kids in New York. UBS Professional series panels, pre-cut fringe, and our Mini Links green designs helped turn this dream into reality. What can we say, Jim? You are the best!

Staten Island


Hats off to Sports Field Contractors for this quick retrofit of an existing dirt Little League field in Staten Island, NY. UBS Champion series panels made easy work of this neighborhood ball field conversion.

Stadium Soccer Field

The versatility of our panel base technology for synthetic turf field construction is once again showcased at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Just days before, this showplace field was host to the AstroTurf NFLPA Collegiate Bowl setting a new standard for playability and aesthetic excellence. The 82,500 ft² (7665 m²) field was easily repainted and prepared for the Doble Clasico CentroAmericano soccer tournament featuring top teams from El Salvador and Guatemala. Not only did the field far exceed the expectations of these prestigious teams, but was independently tested by an accredited FIFA testing lab proving conclusively this panel base field would pass FIFA certification. Amazingly, this field will be removed from the Home Depot Center and travel down the road in California to its new home, ready for years of unparalleled service.

Canadian Tee Line

There is no greater source of pride for the staff of Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® than when a new dealer entrusts in our product and delivers to the client results that are amazing.

This 6×300 ft tee line at Beacon Hall Golf Club is just such a project. Scott Smockum and his team at Synthetic Turf International Canada showed all of us just how simple installing with UBS and Tour Links® panels can be. The week-long project was made easy due to the skill and planning of this group of synthetic turf installers.

You have our respect and gratitude. We look forward to many more great projects in the future.

There really isn’t much to say that we haven’t said before.

  • Remove the organics
  • Add some stone dust for stabilization
  • Lay out the geosynthetic stabilization fabric
  • Install the turf

Some finishing touches

Start practicing!


It’s that simple! Well done!

Indoor Sports Dome UK

If indoor sports are more to your liking, this recent installation in Seaton Carew, United Kingdom should spark your imagination.

The indoor dome installation was designed as a multi-sport facility eliminating rain delays and insuring valuable practice time and game days are uninterrupted.

The soccer field is nearly 60,000 sq ft and built directly on top of the compacted and graded existing sub base. As with all of our installations on earth, the ground was meticulously prepared in preparation of the geo fabric and panels.


The crew from European Turf installed the panels in 4 days, paying close attention to border gaps and straight rows from panel to panel to assure easy assembly.

Once the panels were installed and inspected, the Rhino Turf was positioned and seamed and infill applied. The results were a beautiful facility that can be easily divided into several mini pitch areas or one larger perfect field.


Throw in a state-of-the-art golf teaching center and mini golf course, one has no reason to ever play in the rain again.

Our thanks to Arnoud Fiolet and Bryn Lee for this awesome showcase project and we look forward seeing many more in the very near future.


Covering the Globe

Not just in the USA, but installed in over 35 countries on 7 continents, and yes, including Antarctica!

As we continue to grow and expand the Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® product lines, we want to take this time to showcase some of the great projects from our network of talented installers around the globe.

Our patented panel systems has proven to be highly successful for putting greens, tee-lines, bocce courts, and recently mini athletic fields, full-size stadiums, playgrounds, athletic courts, and landscape installations.

Indoors or outdoors, rooftops or school yards, residential or commercial, cover your bases with Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems®.


Pable Munoz – Absolute Golf


Bill Rorke – Pro-tech Greens


Scott Smockum – STI Canada
Daniel Deschateletes – Synthetilk Golf Design


Taishan Sports Industry Group


Applied Landscape Technology

Czech Republic

Ivo Reichelt – Golf Gate k.s.
Czech Rep-IMG_3963 s


Jurgen Schadt – Klottka & Schadt GmbH


Nelson Lopez – NEFERSA

Hong Kong

Dave Largent – Sports Life Asia Ltd


Pooja Jangla – Shantara Enterprises


US Army


Ken Poole Synthetic Turf Solutions


Hideo Inoue – Toei Kaisha Ltd.


Nadin Ibrahim – Southwest Greens


Hector Vallejo – Golf Modular
Shane Hughes – Hughes Gold Greens


Faize Laghrari – SportFan


Leon Van Zijl – SignGrass

New Zealand

Euan Fergusson – Fairway Mngt. Ltd.

Puerto Rico

Gloria Tollinche – Funscapes


Eric Ng – Big Fish Golf

South Korea

Danny Youn – ISBN Corporation


Shane Le Roux – Minisports GmbH


Manoch Unhagankij – Center Golf


Ken Wang – Syngergy Turfs Co. Ltd

United Kingdom

Arnoud Fiolet
Bryn Lee
European Golf
Huxley Golf


Fernando Canelon
Venezuela-Fernando Canelón 3

Thanks to all of our global partners for helping us to fulfill our goal of covering the globe one interlocking panel at a time!

Dealer Spotlight

As the UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® network continues to grow, our commitment is to showcase the efforts of as many dealers as we can. It is our belief that sharing ideas, technical tips, and the photos of these creative panel base installations is of great benefit to all of us.

The three installers featured below reside in Taiwan, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Different languages and cultures but the same goals: provide the best synthetic turf installations possible. Tour Links® and UBS are bringing the synthetic turf world together unlike any product on the market. We are pleased to introduce you to Ken Wang, Berthold Binder, and Leon Van Zijl.

Ken Wang of Synergy Turfs

Berthold Binder – Arcadia GmbH

Leon Van Zijl – Van Zijl bv

A World of Possibilities with UltraBaseSystems®

The game may be the same, but the opportunity to learn the skills to compete at an international level is hindered in many parts of the world due to the unacceptable conditions in which many children and aspiring athletes must play the game they love. The image of enthusiastic young athletes chasing a ball through a cloud of dust is one that must be replaced with a new vision.

UltraBaseSystems® has changed the game forever

The state-of-the-art UltraBaseSystems® panels are designed to allow quality synthetic turf fields to be constructed virtually anywhere in the world with dramatically reduced equipment and skilled labor requirements. In many cases, the enthusiasm and sweat of the community is all that is needed to transform a dry, rock-covered dust bowl into a state-of-the-art field that any athlete would be proud to play on.

One such transformation was impressively accomplished at a school in an economically challenged area of Tampa, Florida, where the young students and staff pitched in to create their new “field of dreams.” The pride they experienced from helping to build their own sports facility continues to fuel our enthusiasm to make this new vision a global reality.

Use of the UBS panels can overcome local material shortages and accessibility barriers associated with synthetic turf installations. We will bring the field to the community and what a great field it will be! From full-size soccer and rugby pitches to smaller, less costly mini pitches, there is no longer any reason a child should play on a substandard ball field.

It is our goal to bring this revolutionary technology to all corners of the world and watch the amazing results our fields can have on young athletes and their communities. Never before has this ease of installation, with FIFA quality results, been possible. In just a few days to a week the transformation will be amazing, and the community enthusiasm resulting from participation in the installation will lift the spirits of those involved. Not to mention the skill level of future champions.

The time is now, the product is UltraBaseSystems®, and the goal is to provide every child in Africa and throughout the world the opportunity to participate in sport and reach their highest potential, both athletically and personally. Sport is a wonderful endeavor to bring a community together and UBS brings sports to the people like no product ever before.

UltraBaseSystems® makes dreams happen!

Dream Big

Honduras Mall Soccer

These three mall soccer demo areas in Honduras were easily constructed directly on top of the polished mall floors utilizing the UltraBaseSystems® field panels. A prefabricated aluminum cage system complete with full surround netting and signage is a crowd stopping attraction used to promote the NEFERSA Sports company’s soccer program, as well as provide in-mall fun for kids. The multicolored turf is non-filled and stays put due to the patented UBS barb system.

From soccer to batting cages, bocce to golf, this is an easy way to bring much needed fun to the malls, all the while giving moms and dads a nice break.