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The UltraBaseSystems® Difference

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Global Golf Greens

Simply stated, no product can compete with the success of UBS and its sister panel, Tour Links®. With over 3 million ft² installed in 35 countries on 7 continents you cannot find a more recognized or trusted golf putting green product.

The Tour Links® Solution

From cruise ships to the White House, movie stars homes to thousands of backyards and basements; UBS panel base technology is the leader of the pack. Sold to virtually every major putting green company on the planet, our patented technology elevates the roll of a golf ball to levels rock and stone bases can never achieve. So whether you are building a golf teaching academy, a training center for your college golf team or simply ready to shave strokes off your game, UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® panels are the only solution. Thousands of golfers have trusted us to improve their game, shouldn’t you?

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Hitting balls in to the green has more to do with the turf and the infill recipe of sand and rubber than the panels. We are working on base prep ideas to make the turf selection not as critical and this will be a major advantage for the putting green installers. So, yes you can hit shots in to a panel green just like a rock base green but make sure the installer knows his stuff.

Easy!  A rock base can never be perfect. Someone stomping across the green can cause a dent in the sub base or an over industrious critter under the turf can destroy a base over night. Not to mention drainage issues. With UltraBaseSystems, you are putting on an engineered, near perfect base. It’s all about ball roll, and turf rolls better on UBS than rock. That’s a fact!!

The world isn’t flat and neither should your putting green. It may not seem like it at first glance, but the patented UDS design allows our panels to follow every contour or slope the USGA allows. We have been the “go to” product worldwide for nearly every major golf organization as well as most of the top club and equipment manufacturers. We do golf better than any other product in the world, and we prove it every day.

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