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The UltraBaseSystems® Difference

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Cost Savings
Consistent Performance
Load Bearing
Life-Cycle Costs

Your Athletic Field, Reimagined

From converting existing natural grass fields to virtually maintenance free synthetic turf sports venues, new construction projects, indoor sports facilities, concrete and asphalt synthetic turf conversion to temporary and portable installations, UltraBaseSystems® is the industry’s answer to the next generation of sports field construction.


It is our belief there are virtually no limits to the locations a field can be constructed. Indoors, outdoors, rooftops, parking lots, new construction, retrofit and existing grass field, the sky is the limit with UBS.

Our patented turf barb system prevents unwanted turf movement during installation and play. An industry first!

No.  Our system is designed as a free-floating system. When necessary the turf can be attached to the outer top edge of the outer perimeter panels after the turf has been stretched and filled.

Yes to all. The underside design of each UBS panel is engineered to rapidly move water down through the panel and/or flow under the panel to a desired location when installed over an impermeable area. If rain is excessive, water is temporarily stored under the panel away from the bottom of the turf.

The engineered cell design of UBS provides great GMAX impact safety results as well as other crucial safety advantages such as ball roll, ball bounce, foot rotation and energy restitution.

Yes. UBS is a structural base system designed to reduce or, in some cases, totally replace rock base construction.

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