UltraBaseSystems in Action

Dealer Spotlight - Thorsten Klottka With PuttPro

Specializing in installations utilizing the USA made Tour Links and UltraBaseSystems panel technology, Thorsten Klottka and his team have created many of Germany, Austria and Switzerland’s top installations.

Featured Installation Replays

Outdoor Batting Cage and Urban Greenspace

Outdoor Athletic Field - Henderson Hammock School

Indoor Athletic Facility - Capital Sportsplex

Mexico City Miniature Golf Course


Lakeview Elementary - Outdoor Baseball Field

University of Chattanooga - U.S. Soccer Field

Previous Featured Dealers

Dealer Spotlight - Ken Poole With Artificial Artisans

Ken was quick to recognize the advantages Innovative Base Technologies’ panel base technology provides as compared to outdated rock and concrete construction. From putting greens, landscape installations, playgrounds, and commercial venues, Ken has elevated the use of our interlocking panel technology to new levels.